Grow your art technique by watching step by step masterclass tutorials from a real world artist.

Hello friend, my name is Noah Elias and I’m passionate about helping you learn the tricks and tools of painting to help you in the growth of your own creativity.

After 30 years of being a professional artist, I am pulling back the curtain to allow you access to my private working studio. Yes, you’ll watch over my shoulder as I work on actual projects that I produce each month.

Struggling with your creativity and painting? I remember when I started out: I didn’t have a mentor or guide to show me how to paint the right way or help me grow my craft into a business. I have you handled! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced artist, there are masterclasses to meet your current level to help stretch and grow your technique.

  • Receive a comprehensive list of all supplies and material needed in your studio for success
  • Stream hours of in-studio lessons
  • All lessons archived in your account so you can rewatch at your pace
  • Your own reference image to download
  • Lifetime access to your lessons library
  • Narration and instruction from Noah
  • Learn the mistakes artists make
  • Discover techniques to help you become a pro even if you’ve never painted or any art education
  • And much, much, more!

Our Courses

Special Launch Bundle


Intro to Airbrushing + How to Paint Realistic Florals + How to Paint Realistic Black & White Portraits


This course will reveal the bad habits you need to get rid of and what to look out for. You will be exposed to all the best practice drills and steps to be able to paint freehand with ease and confidence. No longer will the airbrush be running you. Using the airbrush will become second nature.


This masterclass will provide you the fast-track skills to create jaw-dropping water drops on your paintings. In this course I will reveal my approach to achieve realistic lighting and shadows with just a couple of colors. This technique can be applied whether you use pencils, charcoal, oils or acrylics.


This masterclass will provide you with the inside look at how I create photo-real portraits with just three colors. If you are just a beginner or intermediate level, this masterclass will help refine your approach to becoming advanced. My goal is to get you painting photo-real as soon as possible!


This masterclass will provide you the skills to create jaw-dropping flowers. These techniques can be applied using any medium. My main medium is airbrush so you will be seeing my formula and approach to achieve realistic florals.


In this masterclass, you will discover how you can create beautiful dramatic skies and clouds using my three-step approach. You will be able to freehand and have the ability to create photoreal results. Also gain the ability to color match with ease.


One of the greatest strengths of using the airbrush as a tool is the ability layer and get a soft effects and edges. In this lesson, I will show you how to use my layering technique to create stunning animal portraits and fur that feels “alive”.


You’ve heard the saying that the eyes are windows to the soul. In this lesson, I will teach you my approach to capturing the soul of your subjects. You will have a go-to formula ensuring your ability freehand eyelashes and iris’s with freehand control.


One of the most powerful forces as an artist is the ability to paint nature and translate the emotion in animals. This course will help reveal the best way to create realism in fur and also backlighting your subject for power and impact.


How to Paint Color Portraits

Color portraits for most artists are one of the biggest challenges to overcome. In this masterclass, I will be unpacking my formula for creating skin tones and color matching to ensure your creativity remains fun and free.


Painting reflections and glass is one most fun effects to create. In this masterclass, I will be sharing my methods of detaching emotionally from your subject and how to match your reference for incredible lighting and likeness of your reference.


How to Paint Stylized Cartoons

One of my favorite styles to paint is cartoons that have realism. This course will reveal how I bring my characters to life. You will learn dramatic lighting, how to add weight to your characters and how to bring out their inner character.

About Your Instructor


Noah Elias is the founder and CEO of Great Flood Publishing Inc. and Noah Studios Inc.. Noah was Voted Top 25 Artist in the World by Art Business News Magazine and is the creator of “The Kid In Me™” which tells the adventures of the kid in each of us through the eyes of a child. His previous projects include Lexus, Toyota, MTV, Microsoft. Noah was recently voted by Microsoft as one of the 10 most influential companies under 10 employees. Noah is the founder of Noah University which helps equip and empower entrepreneurs into a successful business and lifestyle. Noah is the author of the best selling book “Speed Bumps” and the life transforming book “#Fearhunters” which helps people remove fear and shame from their life so they may live in their true identity and calling. Noah’s creations have grown to partnerships with The Walt Disney Company, Costco as well as Lucas Film Ltd..